Dune Emperor LAN Multiplayer beyond subnets


This information is provided as is with no warranty. If you burn your kitchen sink don’t blame me. Copyright (c) 2002 vt100.at


This is a small howto play Dune Emperor in LAN Multiplayer mode with the nodes sitting in different subnets. We use the udp forwarding feature of Cisco („ip helper“) to unicast forward the initial game setup broadcast packets from the client to the game host.


  • At least 2 Dune Emperor Games
  • At least 1 Cisco router or multilayer switch
  • handle your cisco gear with care!

Sample Network

Dune Game Host - Router0 - ... - Router1 - Dune Game Client

Cisco Config

boring things cutted out…

! Router0 local LAN interface
 interface FastEthernet0
! this is the ip address of the Dune Game Host
   ip helper-address
 ip forward-protocol udp 4927


These links were helpful:



Don’t waste this feature with dhcp, play dune 😉

Fremen Warrior.


Handle your Cisco © gear with care.

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