Circuit Emulation over IP using a NM-CEM-4SER


This information is provided as is with no warranty. If you burn your kitchen sink don’t blame me.


This tells the tale of our CEoIP-tests.


  • Cisco Router (2600XM or bigger, needs 128 MB RAM)

  • Cisco Network Module NM-CEM-4SER or NM-CEM-4TE1

  • IOS 12.3(7)T, one of the following Featuresets:

  • SP Services

  • Enterprise Services

  • Advanced Enterprise Services

  • Advanced IP Services

  • 128 MB RAM for your Router

Sample Network

Legacy Client (X.21) — Router0 —WAN— Router1 — Legacy Client (X.21)

Cisco Config (only Router0 shown, Router1 should be obvious)

boring things cutted out…

cem 1/1/0
clock rate 256000
clock mode normal
payload-size 196
dejitter-buffer 120
payload compression
data protection
xconnect [Router1 IP] 0 encapsulation udp
local ip address [Router0 IP]
local udp port 15901
remote udp port 15902


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